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Trip to “KATJA” (1st of June, 2010)

Jul 25, 2010 General No Comments

By: Keran Limbu.

Recently I went to Nepal for my short holidays. I was relieved. Actually it’s always a relief to visit my country – “home sweet home” – every once in a year. The very peace of mind, an inexplicable joy that I always have there after escaping from this concrete jungle and its hectic life you live here is always beyond everything.

There are so many things I do, I can, every time, while I am there but of all, the most remarkable thing is visiting KATJA HOUSE. All the orphan children living there are like a big family to me. The joy their friendship brings, the warmth of their companionship is immeasurable. And I never miss to take some gifts for them on my every visit. All the little things that I do for them, even a little smile that I can put on their innocent face, means so much to me.

Let me explain something about “KATJA” an orphanage in Deepshikha near Thamel in Kathmandu. It was established in 1992 by a foreign teacher of Hong Kong sponsoring orphan children from Nepal for their care and education. But most of the money ends up in wrong pockets rather than those children who need them most. So the teacher approached to a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong who agreed to donate 250,000 US dollars to bought a land and built a quality orphanage “KATJA”, which is beneficial for the orphan children of Nepal. KATJA Foundation Charity Trust was set up in Hong Kong and in Kathmandu in 1998. Among the trustees: two remains in Hong Kong, one moved to UK, others two lives in Australia and Mr. Tulsi Gyawali is the managing trustee for Nepal. They all are still continuing their work for the foundation and visiting children at KATJA regularly. So far the orphan children’s number benefiting from KATJA reached to 54. First generation children of KATJA are already moved to collage now, standing on their own. They frequently visit their home “KATJA” to see their friends and family.

One of the trustee (who don’t want to mention his name) informed me sadly that “Mr. Henrik Lorenz”- one of the trustee – “died some years ago descending his trust fund to a new trustee to continue on his behalf”. He is greatly missed by all the family of “KATJA”.            

My recent trip to KATJA was something special comparing to my other trips, as I was accompanied this time by some of the most popular singers of Nepal: Adrian Pradhan, Nima Rumba, Raju Lama and Naren Limbu – who don’t need any introductions as they have established their name by giving so many hit songs and won millions of hearts all around. We all went there and spent the whole day playing with them and entertaining them (actually they entertained us precisely). Me and my all artist friends had a great time with those KATJA children. It is and will always be one of the most memorable day for me and I hope my friends’ too……….

So folks, what do you say??……..lets reach out a hand for them!……lets pray for them!!….

God bless “KATJA” and god bless it’s “family”.

 Note: You can check their footage in our video section @ home page.

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