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Mar 11, 2011 General No Comments

Keran Limbu

On the year of 2000.I joined to work in one of the best sports club in Asia.

Called Hong Kong Football club, where I was hired as a bartender. And one day I got to meet this teacher of island school Mr. Dave Reeves who came for a drink after his squash game.

As he knew that I was from Nepal, he started talking about how much he love this country and the people, he and his friends has been running a quality orphanage, since 1998 “Katja”.

One of the most amazing things I noticed is that they all come from different corner of the world. England, Hong Kong, Scotland, Germany and Australia, Charity and good-heartedness is clearly a global commodity to be proud of, I can’t express how much I appreciate all of them, without knowing who they are which country they belong, they are helping these kids.

I been leaving abroad most of my life and I used to go back Nepal every year to visit my family and friends, and most of the time what I used to do is party have fun and come back.

On 2003 I had a chance to meet Mr. Dave Reeves and his son, who went to Nepal to visit these kids of “Katja” he asked me to join them, it was 1hrs drive from Katmandu Valley a place called Gothacha near Godawari, as I reached there, they have this big metal gate, as I enter inside. I saw a white big house with a big painting of lord Buddha eyes, and all the kids looking at me with there sweet innocent smile and look, I felt so welcomed. They hold my hands and show me around, we sang and dance together, did some catwalk, I know I have done nothing much for them, I believe that at those moments they managed to forget all of their worries, I hope that when ever they look at those moment I had spend with them, they will remember the day that they met an outsider like me, who just wanted nothing more then there smile in their face and try to show them hope within them, that there future of “katja” will be success.

My every year visit to “Katja” has helped to delivery love from far away countries.

I have seen kids growing in front of my eyes and achieving their dreams from “Katja”

Eternal thanks to all of my friends, from media and music industries, Kranti Ale,

Nima Rumba, Adrian Pradhan , Naren Limbu, Raju Lama , Suzeeta Gurung and Suren Limbu ,who joined with me to my trip to katja on 2008 and 2009,A very special Thanks to Sonam Tamang with out him my whole trip would have been Incomplete.

For 2011,I wish you all success in your own field, and warmth in your heart. And remember to try and enjoy every single day. At the same time, I hope that you will occasionally take time to show down a little and look around you to see. If there is any little thing that you can do to help others less fortunate, because a little bit of help can often make a huge difference to another person’s life.

For myself I feel more contentment within my heart and within my life, but just wish there was still more that I can do, I pray that whenever you look at this note. You will feel good that you have helped to achieve something for these kids of Nepal…as I always say, its not we entertain them, its who they entertain us…I’ll keep continue to visit “Katja” and many more places like  “Katja” in future.

 Thank you and God Bless.

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